Thursday, December 12, 2013

Washington DC Photo Diary

Location: Washington DC

This is an extremely late photo diary of mine and Lauren's trip to Washington DC, but I thought I would share a few things we did. We spent seven days in DC, and I can tell you that if you wanted to see everything, that many days is not enough! There are so many Smithsonian Museums and historical landmarks that we unfortunately didn't get around to seeing everything on my long, extensive to do list! However, a trip there next month may be on the agenda! 
We decided that Georgetown would be our first stop and that was of course the best option! The main street in Georgetown is called M Street where we discovered the main shopping area. As if we didn't do enough shopping in New York! We also uncovered three cupcake places, which of course we had to explore! Baked and Wired is a must if your like us and love giant cupcakes! Sprinkles Cupcakes have some really good flavours and Georgetown Cupcakes just because your in Georgetown.
The subway looks like something from out of space but a pretty simple system to figure out. The Whitehouse was also a must because the President lives there of course. 
To sum up the District of Columbia, I'd say it's an educational experience which I plan to go back to because I am a bit of a history nerd. That and they have good cupcakes!


  1. Great expose of your time in Washington DC - can't wait to get there in January 2014.

  2. These are beautiful pictures! I have never been to Washington, but maybe one day!

    1. Thank you! Washington is beautiful!